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DNA Dragon - DNA Sequence Contig Assembler Software


  1. Reads the most popular sequence formats: (FASTA, GenBank, EMBL, SCF, ABI, AB1, SSF, Next Generation).
  2. Multiple trimming features: vector, quality and length trimming.
  3. Fast assembly machine handles projects with more than 100000 sequences.

Supported file formats

Loads sequence, trace or flowgram samples also by drag and drop:
  • Project files
    • XML DNA Dragon XML project (*.XML)
  • Sequence file formats
    • EMBL (*.eb;*.ebi;*.embl)
    • GenBank (*.gb;*.gen;*.genbank;*.txt)
    • FASTA (*.fa;*.fas;*.fast;*.fasta;*.fs;*.fsa;*.fsta)
  • Next generation sequencing file formats
    • ABI SOLiD files (*.gff)
    • SOLiD CSFASTA files (*.csfasta)
    • Solexa Compact ASCII Read Format, SCARF (s_*_sequence.txt)
    • Illumina _seq.txt files (*.txt)
    • Illumina FASTQ files (*.fastq)
    • Illumina Qseq files (*_qseq.txt)
    • 454 standard flowgram files (*.sff)
  • Alignment file formats
    • Sequence Alignment/Map (SAM) Format (*.sam)
    • Binary Alignment Format (*.bam) (*.bam) [in progress]
  • Trace file formats
    • SCF (*.scf)
    • ABI (*.abi;*.ab1)

Navigator tree

A sample navigator tree makes the project structure (contigs and samples) very clear. From here the samples are selected, then trimmed and assembled.

Trimming and untrimming features:

  • Primer-Clipping
  • Vector-Clipping with automatic pseudocircularization (50 bases). You can detect putative vector motifs in the sequences without any previous knowledge.
  • Sequence quality-based trimming
  • Length trimming
  • Untimming: restores clipped ends.

Assembly machine and contig editor

Various options to change the assembly parameters are available. The fast, index-based assembly of sequences with automatic sorting of the sequences within the contigs (offset and trim ends) makes the project management a pleasure.
The proofreading of the contigs (sequence alignment), i.e. comparison of bases with their traces, and the export/copy of the consensus sequences is almost self-explanatory.
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